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Rt 45 Paving Work to Begin Tuesday on bridge in Haines Twp

Paving work on the Route 45 (Penns Valley Road) bridge in Centre County is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 23.  The bridge spans Pine Creek in Haines Township, near the village of Woodward. 

The contractor will reduce the bridge to an alternating traffic pattern under 24-hour flagging operations, beginning 7:00 AM on Tuesday, April 23, to 5:00 PM on Friday, April 26. Crews will remove and replace the asphalt paving on both sides of the bridge.

The bridge was replaced in August 2018 as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. 

This bridge is referred to as JV-26 and is one out of the 558 bridges being replaced under the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. JV references the joint-venture partnership between Walsh/Granite, which is leading construction for the entire project.  

The Rapid Bridge Replacement Project is a public-private partnership (P3) between PennDOT and Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners (PWKP), under which PWKP will finance, design, replace, and maintain the bridges for 25 years.

More on P3 in Pennsylvania is available at www.P3.pa.gov or “Public-Private Partnerships” at www.penndot.gov. Information on the bridges and their status is at www.parapidbridges.com, or by calling the project hotline at 877-444-9990 or email info@parapidbridges.com.