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Report Illegal Dumping 1-800-605-6649


Interested in getting one year’s worth of free service for your residence from your favorite hauler? Then help us identify who’s responsible for the illegal dump site of the month. If your tip leads to a successful prosecution, we’ll pay your hauler’s bill for an entire year (residential service only).

Watch our website and Facebook page for our “dump of the month” and help us keep Centre County and your neighborhood clean and green!

Contact us via our illegal dump hotline 1 800 605-6649. You can report tips on our site of the month, or suggest a site of the month that you’ve discovered.

And remember, if you hire someone to clean your garage or do some landscaping such as tree removal, ask where they intend to dispose of what they collect and insist on documentation to support their response.

The June Illegal Dump Site of the Month is located on Black Hawk Road in Potter Township.  

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