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December 3, 2020

Centre Hall, PA — Tri-Municipal Park, Inc. announced today an opportunity for Penns Valley residents to help restore a natural landscape at the Park as part of the Park Board’s multi-purpose vision. The Penns Prairie restoration project at the Tri-Municipal Park seeks civic minded volunteers with an interest in both historical ecology, conservation, and landscape development in Penns Valley.

Our vision for this portion of the park involves restoring native plants and grass species present when Col. Potter first put eyes on this valley. The Park Board believes dedicating about one-half of the land for this initiative will result in plant and wildlife restoration, conservation, and a cultural rejuvenation and interest in our valley’s natural history.

This is an exciting opportunity to make positive contributions that can serve generations to come. The Board has successfully established basic access to two-thirds of the Park’s 165 acres and developed:
– Two multi-purpose playing fields
– An 18-hole disc golf course
– Two-and-a-half miles of walking path
– A StoryBoard® walk

In addition, a total of 228 trees were successfully planted this fall thanks to community volunteers and youth groups. Looking ahead, the Board plans to build a timber frame pavilion, nature playground, and additional walking trails. With renewed enthusiasm in the value of outdoor spaces, residents are using the park regularly. Friends of the park see walkers daily, the disk golf course is a regular attraction for leagues, and the Penns Valley Youth Soccer program offered their pandemic-adapted fall season there.

The scenic park on Brush Valley Road, just west of Centre Hall, is owned by 3 municipalities in Penns Valley: Potter and Gregg Township, and the Centre Hall Borough. However, Tri-Municipal Park, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with broadened capacity to raise funds for the Park, and the board seeks to serve all residents in Penns Valley.

The Penns Prairie restoration project is an important part of the multi-purpose vision for the park that includes conservation and education. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community, the Park Board welcomes you. Call (814) 364-1772, email, or visit us on FaceBook:

Contact: Centre Hall Borough
Phone: (814) 364-1772