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Disinfectant Wipes Are Not Flushable!

Everyone is taking extra care to keep their homes as clean as possible. Many folks are using disinfectant wipes to
clean tables, countertops and other surfaces throughout the home. But please remember that wipes of any kind can’t be flushed into the sanitary sewer system. This includes the so-called “flushable” wipes!

Disinfectant wipes can easily clog sewer pipes. And when this happens the wastewater often has only one way to
flow… back into your home!

In addition, if your property is served by a grinder pump, these wipes will (not may!) damage the grinder pump.
Eventually, the pump will fail, leaving the property owner with a big repair bill!

Please toss used wipes into the trash can… and use a plastic bag to contain used wipes for extra security.